Eric Vs. The Horror Genre

Horror movie season is just around the corner, starting with THE CONJURING being released soon, the first movie to receive a R rating solely for being “too scary.”  Other upcoming horror films this year include INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2, CARRIE (remake), COME OUT & PLAY, and EVTM's top horror flick to look out for: YOU'RE NEXT.


Criminally Under-Seen Gems on Netflix Instant (pt. 1)

There use to be a time when you would have to find a grungy, little theater that would show foreign or independent films.  You could go to the video rental store and take a chance on VHS tapes with bizarre cover sleeves. 

But what a miraculous age we live in now; where streaming movies gives us an entire world of cinema at our fingertips!  Finding quality movies is less of a hunt and more of a buffet.  Try some of this, some of that, experiment with new things, and discover new tastes.

Provided is a list of some diamonds in the rough available on Netflix Instant.  Some certainly aren't for everyone, but you get to hit play and stop it if its not your cup of tea.  This is hardly a complete list of the amazing unknown movies on Netflix...but its a good start.


How to SUCCESSFULLY pull off a JUSTICE LEAGUE film: A note to DC Entertainment

DC Comics

With MAN OF STEEL dominating the box office and the sequel already being fast tracked, everyone is asking the same question:  When will we get a Justice League movie?

Most people believe a Justice League film just isn't possible; that too many characters need to be introduced (or re-introduced) and unless you follow Marvel Studios formula of multiple films in a shared universe, taking place over many years, its just not possible.  

Others believe that you should introduce the characters with a Justice League film, then give the characters their solo films afterward; but unless you are already a comic book fan, the film would least critically.

Thankfully, I am genius, and will provide the studios a step-by-step plan to SUCCESSFULLY pull off a Justice League of charge!


PROMETHEUS is perfect

PROMETHEUS is a perfect film...unless you're a fool

This has become one of the most polarizing films in the past few years and nothing is more trendy than hating Prometheus. No one has any original reasons for hating it, its always the same recycled list. Before you claim that proves they're legitimate reasons, shut up; you're nothing more than a pretentious hipster adopting a joke as logical beliefs...basically: you're a fool.

In reality, people hate Prometheus for one of (or all) 3 reasons: They were expecting a typical ALIEN film, chock full of xenomorphs; they're completely ignorant about true film-making, so they need everything explained to them, a la Ice-T's character in Law & Order SVU; or they went into it so ready to pick it apart, they failed to actually pay attention to the film. In all cases, you are WRONG. It is not the filmmakers job to cater to your specific needs...especially if you're an idiot.