How to SUCCESSFULLY pull off a JUSTICE LEAGUE film: A note to DC Entertainment

Justice League
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With MAN OF STEEL dominating the box office and the sequel already being fast tracked, everyone is asking the same question:  When will we get a Justice League movie?

Most people believe a Justice League film just isn't possible; that too many characters need to be introduced (or re-introduced) and unless you follow Marvel Studios formula of multiple films in a shared universe, taking place over many years, its just not possible.  

Others believe that you should introduce the characters with a Justice League film, then give the characters their solo films afterward; but unless you are already a comic book fan, the film would least critically.

Thankfully, I am genius, and will provide the studios a step-by-step plan to SUCCESSFULLY pull off a Justice League of charge!

Don't do a shared universe...Marvel style

With MAN OF STEEL, there's definite hints of a shared universe, much like MARVEL films.  There's no denying that the MCU concept is genius.  It's a brilliant, long term plan that guarantees fan commitment and big box office numbers.  Unfortunately, the same concept just wouldn't work in the DC Universe and even if it did, you would only receive backlash for “mimicking Marvel;” you can graze in someone else's field, but you have to produce your own milk.

So here's what you do, DC Entertainment...

A full & complete shared universe: Film, Netflix, On Demand, Television! Let me explain.  Justice League deserves to be JUSTICE LEAGUE, but not all Justice League members warrant a costly, full distributed, major motion picture; but they all deserve something.

Straight to On Demand films have proven very successful in recent years, especially with DCU Animated films, but there's yet to be any big budget films that utilize the medium.  On Demand eliminates the pricey middleman that is theatrical distribution.

JL characters this would be great for would be THE FLASH, MARTIAN MANHUNTER & WONDER WOMAN (which Joss Whedon has a script for, hint hint).

NETFLIX original series are gaining some serious traction.  Audiences are loving being able to watch entire seasons in one sitting and the medium allowing the episodes to be as long or as short as the story needs.  A streaming mini-series would be perfect for CYBORG or HAWKMAN.

ARROW is already an amazing show with the absolute perfect GREEN ARROW.  Be brave, DCU, and have that universe join into the JUSTICE LEAGUE film!  Show that you truly love the fans.  Increase ratings, don't blow money on a new Green Arrow, and bypass backlash from ARROW fans.

Treating the DCU in this manner not only saves the studio millions of dollars, but allows you to saturate the market at a faster pace and bring us the JUSTICE LEAGUE film ASAP, without having a five to ten year plan like MCU.

What to do about GREEN LANTERN and BATMAN

Batman and The Green Lantern

My suggestion what to do about GREEN LANTERN is going to make many people squeamish at first:  Give us a sequel...with Ryan Reynolds.

I know! I know!  But bear with me on this one...

The Studio can't simply reboot it.  Love it or hate it, the GL movie is imbedded in all of our minds.  Let's all face it, though, we will still go watch a GREEN LANTERN 2.  You know you will, just deal with it.

Just don't take advantage of us, DCU, your loyal fans.  You have all the tools to make the sequel spectacular.  And, come on, Mark Strong as Sinestro is a terrible thing to waste!  I suggest going big and giving us the Sinestro Corp Wars.  This plot-line will allow three very important things:

  1. To redeem our beloved character (and yourselves)
  2. To possibly introduce BLUE BEETLE
  3. And if you want, by the end, you could recast GREEN LANTERN.  Give the story a bit of a twist and either kill off Hal Jordan or have him relinquish the ring to a new bearer; I suggest JOHN STEWART and cast Common.

Then there's The Dark Knight.  What to do about Batman.


“OK, EVTM has obviously lost his mind.” says DC Entertainment executive who subscribes to my blog.

Listen, Nolan's Batman is too near and dear to our hearts to start an entirely new film franchise so soon, but you use that to your advantage.

Recast Batman for the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie...secretly.  That's right, don't announce the new actor at all.  Don't even put his name in the credits of the JL film.  In the JUSTICE LEAGUE film, don't give Batman an alter ego; don't even have him remove the cowl.  Keep him as mysterious as the character is supposed to be.  

Allow fanboys and keen movie goers to analyze the hell out of every single frame of the film.  It will be fun.  Then simply reboot the BATMAN franchise after JUSTICE LEAGUE.

PLOT.  What the heck will a JUSTICE LEAGUE film even be about?

Aquaman Versus Darkseid

We have covered how to introduce new DC heroes to audiences, how to do a full fledged assault with the DC Entertainment brand, all leading up to the most anticipated film of the century...but then what?  What is so big that is brings all these heroes together?

The keen reader may have noticed that one MAJOR hero is missing from the rest of the article:  AQUAMAN.

In the first JUSTICE LEAGUE film, Atlantis wages war with the land.  Humans are unprepared and ill-equipped to withstand its forces and DC heroes are battling this “menace” at various shores.  Caught in the middle is Arthur Curry; raised on land, but heir to the throne of Atlantis.  Where do his loyalties lie?

While peppered with many action sequences between Atlantians and the already established DC heroes, Arthur Curry conducts an investigation on both land and sea to discovered the cause of this war.  JUSTICE LEAGUE essentially becomes an origin tale for AQUAMAN.

As the other heroes begin to form the JUSTICE LEAGUE to turn the tides of the war, Aquaman discovers Atlantis has been manipulated by members of DARKSEID'S ELITE; they were turning the two forces on each other, to prepare Earth for DARKSEID.  With Atlantis royalty too proud to even consider that they have been victims of an elaborate con, Aquaman goes to the JL to plea for help.  Dissension forms between the newly formed JL, but Batman, being the world's greatest detective, confirms Aquaman's allegations when they fit within his own evidence.

This results in a full JL attack on Darkseid's Elite, while Aquaman returns to Atlantis, forcefully assumes his rightful place as king, and leads the Atlantian army to assist the Justice League.  

The Elite are defeated.  Aquaman is King of Atlantis.  The Justice League is officially formed.  Now all of Earth must prepare for the new menace:  DARKSEID.

Leading directly into JUSTICE LEAGUE 2.  No waiting five years; give us two JL films back to back.

*Although I love comic books, I'm hardly a connoisseur of the art form.  My ideas are based solely on what little I know about DC characters and what I do know about what makes a good film.  I am, however, a firm believer that story should be different in whatever medium they are in. I do not want the same plot in a movie as was in the comic series; I think one should inspire fans to seek out the other.